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“There are only two kinds of music – good and everything else.”

That statement has been the guiding light of Brian O’Neal’s successful, forty year career. He is best known for his ground breaking work with the rock, roll & soul band The BusBoys. As founder, lead singer, songwriter, producer and musician, Brian has led the band through a long list of accomplishments:

-       millions of record sales

-       touring, co-headlining shows with Linda Ronstandt, ZZ Top, Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats, and Eddie Murphy

-       appearances and participation in numerous motion pictures including “48 HRS.,” “Ghostbusters,” “Devil In A Blue Dress,” and “The Haunted Mansion”

-       writing and producing the now classic song from “48 HRS.,” “The Boys Are Back In Town”

-       a Grammy nomination

-       appearances on iconic TV shows including “Saturday Night Live,” “American Bandstand” and “Soul Train”

-       a two year term as Governor for the organization that produces “The Grammy Awards Show,” the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

The BusBoys have been signed to Brian’s recording and production company BEO Entertainment for their recent record releases, including “The Boys Are Back In Town.” He is currently writing and producing multiple projects, including new BusBoys recordings and a music/lifestyle television show.

After having participated in the Emmy winning “Autism: The Musical” documentary, Brian is acting as Executive Producer and Composer for “Freeway City,” the documentary chronicling the history of the City of Gardena where he grew up and attended high school.

Brian’s charity work includes various organizations and programs that support young musicians, at risk teens, veterans and medically challenged people of all ages. His appointment as Creative Consultant, Arts and Humanities for New York’s YMCA Center for the Creative Arts promises wonderful new projects.

As a working professional, Brian has always been a student of a variety of American music including blues, jazz and soul. “There is an ongoing, great connection between all forms of music. I’m honored to have been chosen by The Smyth Trust, the YMCA and other organizations to share my insights and positivity.”

As a multi-faceted talent who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, Brian continues to rock stages, perform in films and entertain audiences of all ages. “I love sharing with students, faculties, professionals, filmmakers and everyone who has a great enthusiasm for spirited American music.” He is, as he has always been, a man of music on the move.